Hi there! Here you can find answers to the most common questions about renting motorbikes from us.

We want to rent a motorbike. What motorbikes do you have?

So, we have automatic motorbikes Yamaha Fino, Honda Scoopy, Honda Click, Yamaha Mio, Honda PCX. Before you will rent motorbike, you can test drive all of them, we mean a little lap around to understand the brakes, how its drives, good for you or not. (don‛t forget to give us your passport before you will test drive)

If I want to rent more than 1 day?

In our price list you can see prices for 1 day, 3 day, 7 days. More days you rent – more discount you get.

Does 1 day mean 24 hours?

Yes, if you rent motorbike for example today at 3:00 PM, you have to bring it back tomorrow at same time, 3:00PM.

What about helmets?

For each motorbike we give 2 helmets for free. You can choose any helmets you want.

What about gasoline/fuel?

All our motorbikes have full tank of gasoline.All motorbikes using the petrol number 91. You have to come back with the same amount of fuel. Before you will rent we will check fuel level together.

What about deposit?

For our customers, we are giving 2 choices: Original passport or copy + cash deposit.

We keep your passport in safety place, but if you don’t want to give your passport, you can give copy + 3,000 Baht as a deposit. For all types of scooters deposit 3000 Baht.

What about Insurance?

If you have an accident and its not your fault, in this case you don’t need to pay for damage. We need police report confirming this accident.

If it is your fault or you just fall down from motorbike and motorbike damaged, in this case you have to cover this damage.

Price on spare parts we will check together from dealer shop.

What if someone steal the motorbike?

Chiang Mai is a safety city, but anyway better to park motorbike near your hotel or near CCTV. Its more safety for you. Don’t park motorbike in small and dark streets. And always when you park motorbike have to lock the wheel. If you want, we can give your additional lock for motorbike. Its for free.

What if my scooter already have some damage?

Before you leave Happy Days Shop, please make photo of all damage and scratches around the motorbike.

Where the nearest petrol station?

Nearest petrol station is about 700 meters from our shop. Price for 1 ltr of petrol 91 is about 25 baht.

Chiang Mai motorbike rental FAQ

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask us!